Saturday, December 22, 2012

Anime of The Year

Got this from a fanpage on facebook. Dunno if it real or not ._.

Well since we are close to the end of the year, I guess it's okay to conclude what anime deserve the title "Anime of The Year". Those are my opinion though. And of course you are allowed to copy them and make your own review of this year's anime. Do you agree with my review? *w*

  • Anime of the year: Sword Art Online
  • Honorable mention: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!
  • Male character of the year: Kirigaya Kazuto
  • Female character of the year: Shiina Mashiro
  • Best OVA of the year: Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai - Tenri Hen
  • Best movie of the year: K-On Movie
  • Best OP of the year: Sphere - Pride on Everyday (Bakuman 3)
  • Best ED of the year: EGOIST - Namae no Nai Kaibutsu (Psycho Pass)
  • Best OST of the year: Little Busters!
  • Top 3 moments of the year
  • -1 Bouncing Bomb (Btooom! episode 11)
  • -2 Chitanda's "Watashi kininarimasu!" (Hyouka)
  • -3 Yuri scene (Shinsekai Yori Episode 8)
  • Biggest disappointment of the year: Kore wa Zombie Desuka -Of The Dead-
  • Worst male character of the year: Sugou Nobuyuki (Sword Art Online)
  • Worst female character of the year: Megu-tan (Sukitte Iinayo)
  • Worst moment of the year: Kore wa Zombie Desuka -Of The Dead- ending
  • Most anticipated for 2013: New Sailor Moon

The reason why I put Sword Art Online as Anime of The Year because it has so many viewers around the world. Even the people who don't really like anime watch it out of curiousity lol. But for those people who read the light novel it is kinda weird to know the ending already lol. But for me it's still fun to see how your imagination when you read the LN turned into something bigger lol.

I picked Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! as an honorable mention because this anime is so great. Well I believe some of us really feel that kind of feeling when we look back. And the ending of the anime is just so so. You don't have to be someone that other people want. Just be yourself. That's the message that I got from the ending.

Biggest disappointment of the year is that funny zombie anime = Kore wa Zombie Desuka -Of The Dead-! Why? Because the ending is sooooo flat for me. It doesn't have the impression of an ending and that is the reason I picked this anime as the worst moment of the year. And a few weeks ago, another episode got released and I don't know what is the meaning behind that =="

And I really can't wait to see the new Sailor Moon! I dunno if it has new story line or what, but I love Sailor Moon when I was a kid and I wanna love Sailor Moon once again! But actually there are lots of new seasons of my favorite anime like Oreimo and Kami Nomi Zo. The movies are so so, Hanasaku Iroha and AnoHana will have a movie next year,yay *tears of happiness*

And that's the end of my review. I will spend the christmas holiday with lots of anime and dorama and also games. I've stocked up foods worth of 3 days in case I'm hungry in the middle of it lol. Well have a wonderful holiday people!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Deviant Art

Fufufu I'm into photography again. And yay I made a Deviant Art account last week =w= It feels nice to have your photos got some attention ahaha~ And since my mid test finished today, I have too much time to spend with my "Chibi Team" lol. And thank God this week I have a little agenda start from Thursday. I hope I won't spend too much money on them though~

I'm getting excited being a Japanese Lit student. It's always fun to watch anime, read manga, and speak in Japanese without worries that people will hate you ahaha.. But what I hate is the study walks too slow for me. Because I have to repeat the same lessons for one year.. But whatever it's still fun anyway (even I grit my teeth sometimes). And still grateful that Japanese events are in front of my eyes. The one that I always dream in high school now being come true. Sacrifices does exist. I have to leave my hometown and my beloved boyfriend to be here. Being far from hometown and meet new people are sometimes scary. Real life are cruel too. My pocket got picked by a filthy thief last month because I forgot to put it in a safe place. From that moment I made a promise to myself that I won't let my guard anymore.

Oh well that is my story. By the way check out my deviant art teehee~ These three photos are from my profile. Cute huh? =w=

Mr Rabbit

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Room Escape Games

escape the room games

Hello again people~

Well lately I love room escape games to spend some of my time. Room escape games need patient, brain and really careful eyes to solve the puzzles and of course to escape the room. The one I play now called "murder room" for android. It is creepy but it's nice to play on daylight. I'm kinda scared playing it at night ==v

And here are some sites that review room escape games:

And these are sites that have room escape games:

Tell me what you think about it. Because it is really addicting and kinda fun, and sometimes scary. Just imagine when you trapped in a room and you need to solve the puzzles first to open the door. And what if you trapped in a dangerous place like a freezer maybe. Tense.

And that's it for now. Enjoy your escape! =w=v

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Toygraphy, Nendography, Photography


Today I'll talk about photography that I love lately.. Toygraphy! Well I think toygraphy means taking pictures of your or anybody's toys with an essential manner just like photography does. The difference is on the photo object of course. Toygraphy usually use toys for the object and for example action figures and for myself nendoroid fufu~

Well I use my two little friends for my photo object. They are Miku and Azu-nyan, two nendoroids that I bought a few months ago. Well they are not the original one because I'm kinda broke. But I really want to have some so eheheheh. I even submitted some of my photos for a contest. And well it is my first time submitting it to a contest. So I wish I can pass the first phase. Wish me luck! *w*

FYI: Nendoroid (ねんどろいど?) is a brand of small plastic figures from the Japanese Good Smile Company, first released in 2006. Nendoroid figures are usually replicas of an anime or manga character and are commonly used as collectors items or toys. They are roughly 10 cm (4 in) in height, depending on the character they were made to look like. Normally they are made in a chibi or super deformed style, with a large head and smaller body to make them look cute. Their faces and body parts are movable and interchangeable, giving them a range of different expressions, postures and items to hold. (

And here are the pics! You won't know what is toygraphy (and for me nendography) until you see them by yourself. Those are the photos I've taken so far. Usually I use my room for taking picture. Sorry if it looks messy and bad in quality u.u I wrapped em up already so it won't be too heavy to be uploaded hahah.

And those are the pics. What do you think? Well there are more on my instagram @taranyan. You can check it if you want to fufu. And for Indonesian nendoroid lovers, there are a community called NENDONESIA and they have lots of pictures of cute nendos. I kinda envy them cz they have tons of collection TwT

I think that's all for today. Have a nice day people! ^^v 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

24th Day of October

Akhirnya hari yang terjadi setahun sekali ini datang lagi. Hari yang kalo diinget inget sangat lucu terjadinya. 24 Oktober 2010. Aku dan seorang lelaki bernama Dharma Himawan mendeklarkan diri sebagai pasangan.

Kalo diinget inget lagi apa yang terjadi di tanggal itu rasanya lucu banget. Bisa bisanya dua orang yang tadinya jarang tegur-teguran dan cuma ngobrol di fb doang akhirnya malah jadi pacaran dan awet hingga saat ini. Kalo orang yang denger cerita begitu ada kemungkinan bilang yang di bawah ini:

"Aneh banget"
"Ih lucu bangeeet"
"Aw so sweet"
"Kok bisa ya?"

Lol itu hasil dari beberapa orang yang pernah kuceritain tentang momen itu.

Dan hari ini pun aku ngerasa bahagia sekaligus sedih. Seneng karena ternyata udah dua tahun aku sama dia dan masih awet hingga sekarang walaupun banyak rintangan yang menghadang. Sedih karena gak bisa ketemu ma nyonyo kayak tahun kemaren. Tapi apa mau dikata.. Aku yakin semua orang punya jalannya masing masing dan semoga ini adalah jalan yang terbaik yang dimiliki Allah.

Masih inget banget tahun kemaren nyonyo bawa kue black forest kecil buat ngerayain satu tahun. Sayangnya gak kepikiran buat bikin kenang-kenangan foto pas itu. Tapi kadang masih keinget rasa kuenya yang emang enak :9 Do you remember? Always and always miss the time when we were together..

Tahun ini gak bisa ngerayain dengan apa apa. Duit abis buat beli pulsa modem, hari ini juga kuliah sampe sore. Nyonyo sibuk kerja buat cari duit. Tapi seenggaknya aku udah ngirimin paket yang isinya sangat random ke nyonyo yang diperkirakan nyampe 2-3 hari sebelum hari ini eh ternyata nyampe dalam waktu dua hari. Itu aja yang bisa kukasih untuk dompet yang isinya sangat tipis ini lol.

Harapannya semoga bisa terus sama nyonyo untuk 3, 4, 5 tahun seterusnya. Semoga aja jarak yang jauh ini gak bikin jarak juga di hati kita. Mudahan juga gak terjadi tu yang namanya miscommunication, lost contact dan lost lost lainnya. Mew pengennya sih bulan Februari ke Samarinda mudahan aja dikasih kemudahan buat nabung TwT

I think that's all for today.

Love you as always Dharma Himawan 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Life, New Friends, New Experiences

Ohayou/Konnichiwa/Konbanwa =w=

Finally I'm into writing again after a long recess ahaha. Well I have a lot to write so I don't know how long this post will be. Okay I will start from my campus life first.

Since now I'm in the Japanese Literature major, I'm studying so much things about Japanese language like kaiwa (speaking), choukai (listening), honyaku kiso (basic of translating), nihongo (Japanese language), and many more. What I like most is kaiwa and honyaku kiso. In kaiwa it's a must to talk using Japanese even it went wrong. I'm trying my best to speak well now. And in honyaku kiso I'm learning how to translate Japanese into Indonesian without making the sentence weird. The other subjects are quiet interesting too. But I've already learned some from highschool so sometimes I feel kinda bored because it's not that challenging ==V

I'm kinda used to with the life in here now. I feel a little grateful that I'm studying here cz I can go to those huge Japan events in Jakarta. The first one is AFA ID and the second is JakJapan Matsuri in Monas last month. It was soooo great! I saw May J, the host of J-Melo --- a tv program in NHK. She is a cutie and she is a talented singer. She was so friendly to her fans and I was enjoying her performances so much. I even recorded her performances in that even teehee. And this is one of the picture I took that day~

Sooo many people in one place. Too many @.@
And do you know that now I am so into nendoroid? I posted about my nendoroids on the previous post. I really want to buy a new one (even I have two already). Nendoroid of Kirino Kousaka. Kirino-chan wa chou kawaii desu! I also into nendography now. I will talk about nendography in another post later ohoho.

I am so grateful that in my campus I don't have too many homework like other people does hahaha. I can watch those dorama and anime I downloaded in peace too. The key is will to finish those homework without skipping it too much. And the result is something like I feel now lol. But a few weeks ago, a storm came into my life. Something that force me and my two friends to join. The Dorama Club. Oh well I kinda hate to be into something like theater cz I feel that I don't have the talent at all. And something that came from force is not as good as thing that came naturally. Today me and my friends trying to explain that to those senpai. It is better quitting now than later.

I think this is the end of the post. I really dunno if my life is better or worse than before but there are some things that I like and hate. Until next time guys, have a nice weekend! ^^v

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I bought two nendoroid a few days ago. Well honestly, I didn't buy the original one because my budget are low. But for a beginner like me, it is enough already haha. I bought miku nendo and azu-nyan =w= They are so cuuuuuuuuuute! And here are the pictures:

Am I happy? Oh well a little bit. Still feel kinda sad cz I can't share it with my beloved one out there. I don't know should I bear it or just spill it off in front of somebody. But I'll try my best to finish my school here~ Can you feel the happiness too?

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Have you ever feel so empty before? The feeling when you are alone. The feeling when you feel so down and nobody to help you out. The feeling when you feel so sad when you remember your saddest and dark memories. The feeling when you are so happy but you have nobody to share the happiness..

And yes I feel so right now. I'm feeling so empty and lonely. I have nobody to share my happiness, I have nobody when I'm feeling so blue. And looks like now I'm on the hardest part of my life. Being far away from my parents, far away from my special one, far away from my hometown. And next week I'll have the hardest phase before the college starts. I have to do everything on my own when some of the students will have some helps from their parents.

And the theme song for my writing today is Egoist - Euterpe. When I hear the music and the sad sad voice. I'm drowned with sadness too. The sadness that make me wanna cry. I really don't know why. Well yes this year is my hardest. First ever when I feel too much emotion. Happy, sad, angry, empty, lonely.. I hope I won't feel any heart break or so. That will add much more hurt to my list of sadness.

But I should be grateful because God still loves me. God also gave me some happiness in the middle of my sadness. One of my dreams came true last week. And that is something I should thank. I should thank God too for everything that happens and those that I have until now.

I'm the one that loves support from people. Without those support, sometimes I feel down and empty but in the I hope those kind of feelings won't bother me for the sake of my study. For the next 4 years I'm gonna do my best to graduate and be a high quality university graduate haha. But oh well Long Distance Relationship is not that easy to handle *shiku shiku*

When the sky has cleared
And rains have passed
I still won't forget the past
You are not alone on your own
I remember you back then
Trembling in front of me
Crying deep inside silently

Well that's me for you guys. End of the post. See you on my next post ^^

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (Day One)

Well I guess I am one of those lucky ones who can go to AFA ID last Saturday. Oh well it was damn fun for me! I only went to the first day. And PRJ Hall A filled with many people. Too crowd. It was soooo overloaded for a little hall like that. Thank god my body can survive that huge crowd. Well here are some pictures I took that day~

Me at Danny Choo's booth :3

Exhibition + Stage Access Bracelet
Hakase and Nano Nendroid TwT

Danny Choo on stage
Mirai no Kuruma :3

Well those are some. Well my suggestion, they should hold next year's AFA ID in a bigger place. 3 or 4 times bigger than this year. Well now you can't underestimate the power of Indonesian otaku hahaha. Please make it bigger and please give cheaper ticket lol. Oh well it was a fun fun day. And I feel so moved when I saw LiSA got interviewed on stage that afternoon. I almost cry in happiness cz I never expected I can see the REAL her. LiSAAAAAAAAAA daisuki! TwT

I hope I can go to the next year's AFA ID too. I'll save up lots of money for next year. I hope I can buy nendroid next year. The souvenirs I bought last Saturday was Moekana, Megurine Luka Phone Strap, and something with AFA ID on it. I dunno what is it called heheh. And Danny Choo, thank you for the this year's AFA ID. Please make it more awesome next year! And bring more anisong artist to Indonesia. Those are not enough for us the Indonesian otaku, khuhu~

Okay then, see you on AFA ID 2013! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Ever SasJep Unpak 2012 Gath


Ehem ehem~ Kemaren akhirnya para maba sastra Jepang unpak ngumpul nih. Kita ngebahas barang barang buat P2SPT ntar. Sekalian juga ngumpulin formulir sih kalo aku biar gak repot bolak balik. Dan jreng jreng~ Ada sekitar 10 orang yang dateng kemaren. 10 orang dari sekian puluh maba sastra Jepang tuh. Tapi gak papa lah sedikit yang penting tetep rame haha.

Ni dibawah ada sedikit foto yang di upload ma si Deasy di FB. Sekalian ah taroh sini heheeee~

Aku yang di tengah X3

Dan kesimpulannya, kita bakal foto buat nametag bareng bareng karena agak malu gitu kalo minta foto sendirian. Sekalian juga ntar bikin nametag-nya yang berasal dari kardus. Untuk hari dan waktunya masih blom ditentuin karena perpustakaannya masih mo di survei dulu.

Nah untuk maba sastra Jepang unpak yang baca ini dan blom tahu menahu tentang hal hal ini, bisa cek di fb ma twitternya. Pokoknya silahkan follow ma join deh~

Twitter: @Sasjep_unpak12
Facebook:Sastra jepang unpak 2012

Pokoknya kinou wa arigatou gozaimashita. Well it was kinda fun. See you guys at the next one! ^^

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LiSA - Crossing Field (Sword Art Online 1st Opening)

Love Sword Art Online? Loves the opening song too? Well today I'll post the lyrics of the song! The singer is LiSA, my favorite singer since she sang Angel Beats' soundtracks. And this is her newest song and she will perform it at AFA ID! Dang it =3=" Well I hope you like it ^^V


Mitomete ita okubyou na kako
Wakaranai mama ni kowagatte ita
Ushiro no jibun ga genjitsu wo ima ni utsusu

Ikutsumo no sora wo egaita koko wa kitto
Hakanai kokoro mizashite

Yume de takaku tonda karada wa
Donna fuan matotte mo furiharatte iku
Nemuru chiisa na omoi hirogaridashite
Kizuku yowai watashi kimi ga ireba

Kurai sekai tsuyoku ireta
Nagai yume miru kokoro wa sou eien de

I wanna always be with you
I’ll give you everything I have

Sagashite ita michibiku hikari
Furereba subete omoidashite
Kakegae no nai taisetsu na ima wo kureru

Me wo toji sekai wo shitta
Sore wa itsumo atatakai no ni itakute

Tsunagu tashika na negai kasanariatte
Mieru mayoi wa ugokihajimeta
Kimi wo mamoritakute seou kizu wa
Fukai nemuri no naka tadayotta

Kawaranai yakusoku datta
Futari shinjita kizuna wa sou senmei ni

Koe ga todoku made namae wo yonde
Deaeta kiseki kanjitai motto

Yume de takaku tonda karada wa
Donna fuan matotte mo furiharatte iku
Nemuru chiisa na omoi hirogaridashite
Kizuku yowai watashi kimi ga ireba

Kurai sekai tsuyoku ireta
Nagai yumemiru kokoro wa sou eien de

I wanna always be with you
I wanna hold you tight right now
I swear that I will wipe your tears
I’ll give you everything I have


My cowardly past that I admitted
Not knowing what's going on, my frightened
past self reflects the reality now

The many skies that are painted here surely
will disturb this ephemeral heart

In my dream I soared
No matter the anxieties my body bears, I'll shake them off
The small sleeping feelings I'll stretch them out
I realized I'm weak and that if you being there

will give me strength in this dark world
This heart that's seeing a long dream, yeah, will last forever

(I wanna always be with you
I'll give you everything I have)

I was looking for the guiding light
If I could touch it, I would remember everything
I'll take the irreplaceable and precious present time

Closing your eyes to the world you know
Is always warm yet painful

Indeed the connecting wishes overlap
The visible hesitation began to move
I want to protect you. The wounds you bear
drifted into a deep sleep

The promise was kept unchanged
Bonds are yeah, what two people clearly believe in

Until my voice reaches you, I'll keep calling your name
I want to feel more the miracle I encountered

In my dream I soared
No matter the anxieties my body bears, I'll shake them off
The small sleeping feelings I'll stretch them out
I realized I'm weak and that if you being there

will give me strength in this dark world
This heart that's seeing a long dream, yeah, will last forever

(I wanna always stay with you
I wanna hold you tight right now
I swear I will walk with you
I'll give you everything I have)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Maaf Lahir Batin

Wah besok udah lebaran aja nih. Gimana puasa kalian tahun ini? Apa masih bnyak yang bolong? Ya semoga tahun depan bisa lebih baik lagi ya.

Dengan berakhirnya bulan ramadhan, berarti sebuah fase lain akan datang. FASE OSPEK. Nuuuuuuuu~ rasanya agak males gimanaaa gitu buat ikut ospek. Entah karena takut, males nyiapin baramg buat ospek, ato karena emang gak suka. Tapi untungnya hal kayak gini cuma terjadi beberapa tahun sekali doang. Jadi gak papa deh ikut toh cuma sekali sekali. Dan kemungkinan besar hal kayak gini cuma sekali seumur hidup. Dan untuk semua mahasiswa baru, good luck ya ospeknya. Let's kick some butts!!! *eh*

Last but not least.. Mohon maaf lahir batin ya temen-temen sekalian. Semoga semua ibadah kita di bulan ini diterima oleh Allah SWT dan semoga kita semua masih bisa ketemu sama bulan ramadhan tahun depan amiiin.
Wish you all have a wonderful lebaran (^▽^)


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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Sudah hari ke 24 di bulan ramadhan ya? Sungguh tak terasa huoo~ \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

Terkadang aku ngerasa kangen banget sama suasana bulan puasa tahun kemaren. Tahun kemaren aku masih ketemu sama temen-temen, sama anak ETC, sama Mawan.. Tahun ini sangat lain. Dan kadang aku ngerasa puasa tahun ini sepi banget. Untungnya masih ada mamake yang ikut merantau kesini. Tapi tetep aja sepi dan ada sesuatu yang kurang di dalam hati ini.

Dan ngomong-ngomong, foto di bawah itu diambil beberapa minggu sebelum aku berangkat kesini pas lagi meeting ETC. Such a memory.. Dan tumbennya lagi aku bisa senyum kalem tuh. Wahaha sesuatu yang jarang terjadi dalam hidupku. Dan hal seperti itu juga yang bikin aku kangen. Those moments.. Small moments, but something that I will cherish. Sesuatu-sesuatu dan hal-hal kecil yang bakal kuinget walau orang lain lupa.

Inget gak pas kita lagi ngobrol terus aku nguap? Kamu ngolokin aku dan ujungnya malah jadi lupa cara nguap. Hahaha. Hal seperti itu terjadi lagi, tapi beda kejadian. Aku lupa cara nelen obat. Setengah mati mau nelan obat, tapi yang ada malah kumuntahin dan sama sekali gak sukses dalam usaha nelen tu obat. Nyerah karena obatnya udah abis dimuntahin dan obatnya juga udah yeyek banget. Jadi lebih baik nyerah dan cari alternatif lain. Sungguh menyeramkan.

Moments.. I remember my first ever Japanese competition in Bontang. Dari apesnya terdampar di depan ATM. Gak terdaftar dij lomba cerdas cermat, gugupnya pas mau maju lomba pidato, dinginnya itu gedung, dan betenya pas para juri gak transparan soal penilaian. Kalo inget-inget dan liat foto-foto masa lalu itu rasanya kangen banget sama masa SMA..

Dan apa kamu inget saat terakhir kita ketemu? Terkadang kalo aku inget momen itu aku ngerasa sedih banget. Banyak yang belom kita cobain. Tu es mendem duren di Juanda blom dicobain. Aku gak sempet pamit bener-bener sama kamu, sama orang tuamu, sama temen-temenku. Pas puasa gini, ngerasa iri juga sedikit liat di fb orang orang pada rame buka bareng gitu gitu. Tapi lagi lagi, aku harus bersabar. Suatu saat aku pasti balik lagi ke Samarinda. Pasti. Walaupun aku ga tau bakal nginep dimana. Tapi insyaallah, kalau Allah mengizinkan aku pasti kesana. Dan sebelum saat itu tiba, baik-baik disana. Aku juga bakal berusaha yang terbaik. I'll try to be a loyal cat, and my master is you. Lagian yang cupu kayak gini masa ada yang naksir sih *ngek*

Semoga kita semua bisa menjalani semua cobaan yang ada walaupun terpisah dengan jarak yang amat jauh. Amin!

Little cat loves Zorro with all of her heart (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

AFA ID Super Anisong Stage Jakarta 1-2 September

Total performing artistes will be 8. This is the final confirmed lineup.

Day 1 - SAT - 1st September 2012
Bless4 + Akino
Ichiro Mizuki

Day 2 - SUN - 2nd September 2012

Estimated concert duration:
4 Hours / Day
8 Hours for 2 days
Concerts will start from 6:30pm on both 1st and 2nd of September

*VIP Ticket holders will get an autograph chance with their preferred artistes! Terms and conditions apply. Full details to be announced.

**Each concert ticket purchased includes exhibition and stage ticket to the AFA main grounds and day time stage programs.

Full details on AFA Indonesia here:


Oh please, let me cry silently deep inside my heart. Definitely can't see the concert concering my pocket and the time of the concert. I really want to see LiSA  and I want to hear my favorite songs lice. But unfortunately can't. But I wish I can go to the festival itself. *wish*

Well tell me if you are also going to AFA Indonesia. Maybe we can meet up there and have a little gathering ._.V

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jarum, Darah, Pingsan~

Lagi lagi oh lagi lagi~

Tadi siang pas aku mo bikin surat keterangan sehat di puskesmas.. Pas jariku di cucuk eh ditusuk sama jarum.. Pas rasa sakit aneh abis ditusuk jarum.. Pas ada cairan merah keluar dari jari tengahku.. Pas udah selese semuanya dan nunggu diluar ruangannya.. Semuanya pun gak lam jadi buram. Duniaku berubah dari cerah jadi serasa dikerubungin sama semut semut yang datang dalam jumlah besar dan menutup penglihatanku. Dan pas sadar (dengan penglihatan yang masih buram), ternyata aku udah ada di lantai dan tanganku langsung ditarik untuk duduk lagi. Jatoh ke lantai gak ada rasanya entah kenapa. Mungkin para semut udah bikin bantal super supaya jatohnya gak sakit kali ya~

Pas balik duduk pun penglihatanku masih buram, kepala pusing, juga setengah mual nyium bau alkohol ato obat ato semacamnya yang membaur jadi satu. Pas berdiri untuk pindah tempat supaya bisa tiduran pun, aku rasanya mo muntah. Tapi ga ada yang keluar (mungkin juga karena blom makan, untungnya). Penglihatanku masih buram sampe akhirnya aku tiduran. Pas tiduran itu rasanya jadi ringan banget. Para semut udah pergi dari badanku. Kubawa merem aja untuk beberapa saat dan pas aku buka mata,
'TING!'penglihatanku udah normal kembali. Alhamdulillah~

Hal seperti diatas sudah terjadi 3 kali dalam hidupku. Dan apa yang terjadi hari ini menambah sejarah pingsanku jadi empat. Sebenernya hal seperti ini bukan hal yang lucu. Malah hal yang jadi sebuah mimpi buruk buatku. Untuk orang lain hal seperti ini mungkin hal yang sepele. Dan lagi lagi ini hal yang sangat menakutkan buatku. Aku bingung juga, sebenernya fobiaku ini apa sih? Kalo darah aku juga sering liat. Ngilu kadang. Tapi gak selalu. Tapi kalo darah dalam ukuran kecil dan keluarnya dari jariku.. Pasti bikin aku panik gak ketulungan. Sama hal-nya dengan jarum. Bukan jarum sembarangan. Jarum suntik dan jarum yang dipake buat nusuk jari pas ngecek darah. Kalo jarum jahit biasa aja tuh. Penyebab sejarah pingsanku pun tiga diantaranya karena jarum. Yang pertama jarum suntik, dan yang kedua sama dengan yang ketiga: jarum buat nusuk jari. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ kalo ngebayangin ditusuk ma jarum lagi rasanya ngilu. Atau jangan jangan aku masih turunan dari sleeping beauty si tukang tidur? Penyebab dia tidur kan gara-gara ketusuk jarum juga huehe. Kalo penyebab yang terakhir sih karena jariku kegores kaca yg belah. Efek panik ngeliat darah yang ngalir di jari. Rasa ngilu aneh yang muncul di jari terus menjalar ke seluruh badan.. Rasa panik darahnya gak berhenti dalam waktu satu menit. Pas di jalan mo nyuci tu jari, aku juga udah ngerasa mo pingsan di tempat. Jadi aku milih pingsan di tempat yang agak empuk sedikit. What a thrilling events in my life.

Dan yah.. Hal yang terjadi hari ini dan kemaren kemaren kemungkinan besar akan terjadi lagi dalam waktu yang tidak dapat ditebak. Misalnya pas mau nikah, harus disuntik berbagai macam vaksin dll. Dalam prosesnya kemungkinan besar aku pingsan itu sangat ada. Dan sebagainya dan sebagainya. Hal seperti itu akan terjadi lagi di hidupku entah kapan. Tapi semoga aja aku sudah lebih siap dan lebih kuat daripada sekarang. Karena pingsan untuk hal yang seperti itu sangatlah merepotkan. Merepotkan untuk diriku sendiri dan aku jadi merepotkan orang lain. Yah.. semoga hal seperti hari ini gak terjadi lagi di masa depan amin. Tapi event seperti ini sangat traumatis dan mengerikan untuk diingat. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii~

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Cat's Little Anime Questionaire X3

Well don't mind this. I just love nekomimi 

Well I've made a little questionnaire for the readers or any passer by on my blog. If you don't mind and have a spare time, fill my questionnaire please? It's not that long though. For the lucky one I will publish his/her answers in my blog

Interested? If you are, then click the "CLICK!" below~

Well thank you everyone for the views and comments. Those are really precious to me. I've started this blog when I was a 1st grader of high school and now I've graduate. So it is a long time since then. I will try to post more and more readable posts for everyone.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Own PicVenture!

Well lately I've wander place to place for unknown reasons. And with unknown reasons I took some pictures too. But oh well I only 3 pictures to show. Hope it's alright~  Here we go!

I took this from a public transportation. And what's behind the fences is Kebun Raya Bogor~
Hydrangea, reminds me of Sankarea. You know, that zombie girl anime.. Lol

A cat that walk around my auntie's house. Kuro in wonderland!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Renungan Sebelum Berganti Umur~


Sangat tidak terasa, hampir setahun lagi aku berada di dunia ini. Hampir 18 tahun aku telah berada di bumi yang luas ini. Tahun ini mungkin adalah tahun terberat yang kualami. Aku sudah berjuang keras untuk melewati ujian nasional dan akhirnya lulus dengan nilai yang memuaskan. Aku mengalami perpisahan yang sangat-sangat sulit untuk kulalui.. Meninggalkan orang yang berharga untukku, orang yang sudah mengisi hari-hariku yang telah lalu, orang yang ada di saat aku senang ataupun sedih.Jujur aku sering merasa kangen. Rasanya gak pengen ada di sini, aku pengen ada di Samarinda dan menyaksikan peristiwa-peristiwa yang selama 3 minggu ini aku lewatkan.Seneng sih ngeliat semua foto-foto yang mereka upload. Seneng. Tapi ada rasa sedih juga karena aku gak ada di dalam foto itu. Seharusnya aku ada di sana juga kalau waktu berangkatku lebih lambat dari waktu itu. Padahal aku hanya butuh waktu satu hari, mungkin dua hari untuk menyelesaikan pamitanku kepada orang-orang yang kukenal..

Masa sulit lainnya dan yang sedang kuhadapi tentunya, sendirian di pulau Jawa ini. Aku yang tak pernah berjalan jauh.. Aku yang biasanya diantar jemput Mawan.. Disini aku dituntut mandiri. Kalau aku gak mandiri disini, aku bisa mati dimakan bosan. Ya, bosan. Aku belum punya teman disini. Tak ada teman yang bisa kuajak jalan atau berbagi ke senangan. Temanku ya hanya laptop hadiah kelulusan ini. Laptop yang umurnya 3 minggu ini mengisi hariku setiap harinya tak kurang dari 8 jam dan biasanya sih lebih. Masalah lainnya, tanggal 4 ini aku akan ikut tes ujian masuk di Universitas Pakuan Bogor. Kartu tanda pesertanya yang berwarna kuning pun sudah ada dalam genggamanku. Hanya menunggu beberapa hari saja lagi sampai waktunya tiba. Takut tentu ada. Aku takut kalau aku tidak lulus tes. Aku tak tahu harus bilang apa nanti pada orangtuaku. Aku tidak mau merepotkan mereka.

Tanggal 2 Juli.. Tak banyak temanku yang berulang tahun di bulan Juli. Apalagi di tanggal yang sama. Kadang hal itu membuat aku bangga karena tidak ada yang bisa menyamaiku hahaha. Tapi bulan Juli adalah bulan anak sekolah libur. Terutama awal bulan Juli. Dari dulu, ulang tahunku pasti terjadi di saat orang-orang libur sekolah. Seperti sekarang ini. Jarang ada teman sekolah yang mau datang ke rumah untuk ulang tahunku. Lagian aku gak punya banyak teman. Hingga aku akhirnya semakin besar, aku semakin malas merayakan ulang tahunku. Tapi tahun lalu terasa agak berbeda, karena ada kehadiran orang yang masih sadar akan ulang tahunku. Terima kasih untuk Dharma Himawan.

Tapi sayangnya, tahun ini aku lagi-lagi berulang tahun sendirian. Enggak ada Mawan yang akan datang dan ada di sampingku seperti tahun lalu. Hal ini juga menjadi salah satu penyebab tahunku yang terasa sangat berat.Terutama Long Distance Relationship alias LDR katanya sangat susah untuk dijalani. Tapi semoga aja kita berdua bisa ya.. Bisa dooong :3

Karena itulah tahun ini terasa sangat berat, hal hal yang kusebutkan diatas adalah penyebabnya. Dan tentu saja banyak harapan yang ingin kucapai sebelum tahun ini berakhir..

  • Semoga aku bisa lulus di Universitas Pakuan jurusan Sastra Jepang (atau FKIP Bahasa Inggris untuk cadangan)
  • Semoga aku bisa mandiri dan bisa menghemat pengeluaran selama aku hidup disini
  • Semoga aku gak berpaling ke lain hati dan hanya punya satu orang di hati yaitu Dharma Himawan (Don't worry nyo, I'm one of a loyal cat after all)
  • Semoga aku bisa dateng ke AFA ID (yang katanya harga HTM-nya selangit)
  • Semoga aku bisa pulang ke Samarinda tahun depan
  • Semoga aku bisa liburan ke Malang suatu saat nanti
  • Dan yang paling penting, semoga aku jadi orang dan pribadi yang lebih baik daripada sebelumnya. Amin..
Banyak memang kalo diliat-liat, tapi semoga aja aku bisa mewujudkan beberapa atau bahkan semuanya. Dan semoga Allah menghendaki apa yang kuhendaki, karena tanpa kuasa-Nya aku gak bisa apa-apa di dunia ini. Semoga ya semoga..

And this is almost the end of my post~ I wish I can have a peaceful and nice birthday. I don't expect much though, I know my own limit. And I hope my  love-life relationship won't end because of the circumstances. I wish this relationship will lasts forever 'till we are bound with marriage and bound 'till death separate us. I wish.. u.u

Well happy birthday to me, also happy birthday to those people who have the same birthday as me. Wish I have a nice and peaceful birthday *wishing*

Last but not least, little cat still in love with her only Zorro 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Little Cat's New Journey

Kali ini si kucing kecil terdampar di sebuah pulau yang amat besar. Kucing kecil bisa nyasar kesini karena ada seekor burung gagak yang menerbangkannya ke pulau ini entah untuk alasan apa. Pada awal-awal, kucing kecil merasa sangat ketakutan. Ia diturunkan di pesisir pantai yang luas, kucing kecil benci air menjalar seperti ingin menjilat-jilat itu. Dan tentu saja seperti kucing pada umumnya, kucing kecil benci air dalam jumlah yang besar (kecuali untuk minum). Akhirnya ia berlari ke dalam hutan.

Hutan tersebut sangat lebat dan berisi beraneka macam jenis mahluk hidup.Kucing kecil pun mulai berjalan lebih dalam, ia juga memikirkan Zorro yang pasti khawatir karena tidak mendapat kabar darinya. Kucing kecil juga sudah merindukan Zorro yang selalu mengisi hari-hari sepinya. Saat kucing kecil berjalan sambil melihat sekeliling, ia melihat seekor anak monyet sedang memanjat pohon pisang. Ia pun mengeong untuk memanggil anak monyet itu.

"Hai anak monyet, aku sedang berada dimana miaw? Aku.. baru saja diturunkan oleh gagak jahat hiks yang meninggalkanku sendirian di tepi pantai hiks hiks.." ujar kucing kecil sambil setengah menangis. Anak monyet itu terlihat kebingungan, akhirnya anak monyet turun dari pohon dan mengajak kucing kecil ke rumahnya. Ibu monyet yang melihat anaknya membawa seekor (?) tamu menyambut kucing kecil dengan ramah.

"Bagaimana seekor kucing kecil sepertimu bisa sampai kesini? Tempat ini bukan habitatmu sama sekali kan?" ujar ibu monyet yang merasa iba. Kucing kecil pun menangis tersedu-sedu di dalam pelukan ibu monyet. Setelah tenang, kucing kecil menceritakan kejadian yang menimpanya hingga ia terdampar di pulau itu. Ibu monyet pun mendengarkan dengan seksama sambil mengurus anaknya.

"Begitu ceritanya bu monyet.." kucing kecil menghela napas dalam-dalam setelah ia menyelesaikan ceritanya. Ia merasa lega karena ia tidak sendirian di pulau yang besar itu.Ibu monyet sedang berpikir bagaimana cara membantu kucing kecil saat seekor burung bangau datang ke rumahnya. Pak bangau mengantarkan surat untuk keluarga monyet.

"Wah kebetulan sekali pak bangau!" seru ibu monyet gembira.
"Memangnya ada apa bu monyet?" pak bangau terlihat kebingungan.
"Kucing kecil ini baru saja diturunkan oleh burung gagak ke pulau ini, ia ingin segera pulang ke kota asalnya. Bisakah bapak mengantarnya pulang?" penjelasan ibu monyet membuat pak bangau mengangguk-angguk.
"Apa nama kota asalmu wahai kucing kecil?" tanya pak bangau
"Kota Nyanville, di pulau Miaw-Land, bisakah anda mengantar saya kesana?"
"Miaw-Land?" pak bangau terlihat berpikir. Ia lalu mengeluarkan buku yang berisi peta pulau-pulau.
"Hmm.." pak bangau berhenti pada sebuah gambar pulau yang bentuknya menyerupai kepala kucing. "Inikah pulaunya?" kucing kecil pun melompat kegirangan. Ia mengangguk dengan semangat. Ekornya yang panjang pun ikut mengibas dengan semangat.

Keesokan harinya, kucing kecil sudah siap pergi diiringi oleh ibu monyet dan anaknya. Mereka turut bahagia karena kucing kecil bisa kembali pulang ke kota asalnya. Sebelum kucing kecil naik ke punggung pak bangau, ibu monyet memberikan sesuatu kepada kucing kecil. Sesuatu itu berupa kalung yang dibuat dari bunga dan terlihat sangat cantik. Ia mengalungkannya dengan hati-hati ke leher kucing kecil.

"Terimalah ini sebagai kenang-kenangan wahai kucing kecil, kami akan selalu menerimamu disini saat kau terdampar hahaha" canda ibu monyet
"Terima kasih ibu monyet, kau dan anakmu adalah malaikat penolongku. Tak lupa pak bangau yang akan mengantarku pulang" kucing kecil tersenyum sambil merasakan kalung yang baru ia kenakan
"Kucing kecil, ayo kita berangkat" ujar pak bangau yang sudah siap. Kucing kecil pun memeluk ibu monyet dan anaknya. Ia tak akan melupakan jasa mereka yang tak ternilai harganya.

Kucing kecil melambai kepada kedua ekor monyet yang telah baik hati menerimanya. Ibu dan anak itu balas melambai dari kejauhan sementara pak bangau terbang menjauhi pulau itu. Sungguh beruntung kucing kecil kali ini, ia bertemu dengan sahabat baru yang telah menolongnya dari kesusahan.Tak lama kucing kecil dapat melihat pulau yang berbentuk kepala kucing, pak bangau pun menemukan kota Nyanville. Ia mendarat tepat di depan rumah kucing kecil. Zorro yang khawatir langsung berlari dan memeluk kucing kecil. Setelah berterima kasih dengan resmi kepada pak bangau, kucing kecil dan Zorro pun berjalan ke pinggir sungan tempat mereka biasa bercerita.

"Kau sudah membuatku sangat khawatir kucing kecil. Kau kemana saja?" interogasi Zorro. Kucing kecil lalu menceritakan perjalanannya di pulau besar yang ia tidak ketahui namanya itu.
"Wah jahat sekali gagak itu, ingin kucabuti bulunya grrr.." geram Zorro kesal. Kucing kecil mengerti mengapa Zorro sekesal itu, ia mencoba menenangkannya dengan bersender di bahu Zorro.
"Tak apa.. Aku sudah disini sekarang. Tak ada yang bisa mencegahku berada di sampingmu lagi. Aku akan tetap disini bersamamu Zorro.."

"Ya.. Jangan lagi pergi dariku kucing kecil.." ujar Zorro dalam hati.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stressful Thought

With my birthday in a few days.. With the coming up test.. And with other things that I can't mention.. Everything combined into one huge ball called stress. I can relieve the stress only with writing, chatting with people or watching tons of anime. I don't know why I'm being like this nowadays. Tired of listening maybe. Sometimes I feel so sick when I listen to my grandma. But at the other side, I also feel guilty cz she is old and kinda lonely in this house. I'm afraid that I'll explode someday because I can't take it anymore.

Well like I always say "It's sucks being alone in a little big city like this". Really. I walked around in a mall like I have no destination. I feel like an idiot when I ate alone in a fast food palace yesterday. Dang. I don't know if I wanna wandering alone again soon, but I need glasses for my minus eyes. Also for style so I look smarter haha

I'm confused with my upcoming test. I really don't know what to learn. I have no basic with social studies. And I don't have any material to start studying. I will just hope and pray that the test will be an essay test and I will answer all of it just like a short story I made in 2 hours. Lol. I also wonder where is the building for my test next week. The card says that I should check 'em one day before the test day. Means I have to do the long way route to the place. Again and again. I've gone to the college twice alone, once with my dad. It means that I will do it again alone twice next week. One day after my sorrow and pathetic birthday.

Yes, my other stress come from this source, my upcoming birthday. Well in the past few years, I can make it through with beautiful memories cz I have my beloved people with me. What about this year? I kinda doubt it. I just wish that I can hear or see their faces when they say happy birthday. Wish. I dunno if someone will make it come true or not. I don't need any particular present (except money of course). I only need my family and my beloved friends and boyfriend to be by my side in my special day. I am getting older, my life span also decreasing. Means my life in this world decreasing for one year already. I just want to know that there are people who care about me outside there. It's sucks being alone you know..

Maybe tomorrow I'll have a trip to any mall. Relieve some stress inside me. I wish I can bring my laptop with me so I won't alone haha. I'm trying to buy myself a gift. A special gift for a special girl. A pair of glasses for my minus eyes and for the little nerd deep down in my heart.

Wish everything will be just fine for the rest of the week...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yuuka Saegusa - June Bride ~Anata Shika Mienai~ (Meitantei Conan's 21st Ending)

Well I watch Meitantei Conan today and when I see the meaning of the ending, I feel really.. Touched. That's why I wanna share it here so you can feel what I feel now. Gosh this song is really sweet. And it is similiar to my feeling right now. Just see the translation and you'll know why TwT


dare ni mo oitsukenai SUPI-DO de
nichijou wo hashitte itara
kami wo kitta hi ni tomodachi yori
daiji na takaramono mitsuketa yo

ashita ga mienai mainichi ni
anata wo suki ni natte yokatta
zutto kawaranai kimochi de itai
hibikiau ima wo tomete

futari ni naru no ga kowakatta
hito to kako wa kaerarenai keredo
jibun no koto mirai no yume wa kaete yukeru

anata shika mienai
kureyuku machi setsunasa ga tsunoru
yawarakana kaze no naka zutto
shinjiainagara futari itsumademo
JYU-N BURAIDO I'll be with you

watashi koko ni iru n' da yo
kamisama watashi no koto mieteru?
konna watashi ni mo nanika ga aru tte
shinjite kurete arigatou

kizu wa kanarazu naoru n' da yo
watashi wo erande kureta
nani ga attemo donna koto demo
norikoerareru yo ima nara

kanashii toki ya kurushii toki
itsumo itsumo zutto soba ni iyou ne
nido to kaerenai omoide ni mou shibararenai

* mirai shika mienai
anata ni fusawashii hito ni naritai
tokidoki kirai ni nattemo
ai shite irareru futari de iyou ne
JYU-N BURAIDO I'll be with you

* repeat


At a speed that no one can catch up to
As I hurry along from day to day
On the day I cut my hair
I discovered an important treasure from a friend

In my daily life where I can see no tomorrow
I’m glad to have fallen in love with you
I want these feelings to never ever change
And their echoes to stop time

I was once afraid to be together with you
Even though people and their past can’t be changed
I shall change myself and my dreams for the future

I can see no one but you
As the town darkens, sadness deepens
In this gentle breeze, as always
Believing in each other, we’ll stay together forever
June Bride I'll be with you

I am right here
Dear God, are you watching over me?
To think there can be something for someone like me as well
Thank you for believing in me

Wounds will invariably heal
For you have chosen me
Should anything happen, whatever it may be
The current me can overcome it all

Through the sad times and the painful times
Please stay by my side, forever and ever
I will no longer be held back by memories I can’t return to

*I see nothing but the future
I want to become the right person for you
Even though we may not always be on the best of terms
Let’s stay in love with each other forever
June Bride I'll be with you

Repeat *

*Copied from Gendou*

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Niji Matsuri Jindofest at Universitas Pakuan Bogor (Saturday)

Hi hi here I am once again~

Tadi siang saya sempet ke Universitas Pakuan buat ngeliat Nijimatsuri-nya. Keren kok kereeeeeen. Udah lama banget gak liat Jindofest. Secara di kota asal saya jarang banget ada yang begituan, dan skalinya ada pasti gak serame di sini gitu. Sejauh yang saya liat tadi sih bunkasai-nya asik asik aja. Sempet jajan juga tadi, nyobain sushi ama beli strap hp Mio Akiyama ama Azu-nyan dalam wujud cosplay maid. もえもえきゅん~ Ditambah kipas gambar Hatsune Miku + Kagamine Rin.  Kalo besok bisa kesana lagi (dan gak nyasar) pengennya beli lebih banyak buat koleksi ama buat oleh-oleh orang yang nan jauh disana haha mumpung banyak duit XD

Maid Mio to Azu-nyan *w*

Kenapa beli sushi? Soalnya keburu liat sushi daripada okonomiyaki ama takoyaki. Karena duit hari ini juga agak terbatas, jadi belinya dikit dulu. Tapi kalo besok kesana lagi, tentu aku bakal borong barang yang aneh-aneh sepulang dari sana. Ha! Dan rasa sushinya? Errr enakan bikinan saya *peace* Dan juga, paling dah nyampe disana bingung cara pulangnya, ya mudahan aja gak nyasar. Melas juga nyasar di kota orang gitu =="

Dan tadi sempet liat drama-nya gitu, cuma gak merhatiin soalnya lagi ngobrol ma abang-abang (?) yang jualan barang-barang anime yang juga merangkap jadi re-seller kartu fake yu-gi-oh. Kemanapun saya berada ternyata masih gak bisa lepas juga saya dari dunia per-yugi-an (?) Jadi pingin bikin deck lagi, fake aja ga usah maksa ori *siapa yang mau ngelawan coba, kenal org aja disini belom ==v*

Pokoknya besok kalo ga keburu nyasar saya pasti kesana lagi, besoknya lagi juga saya kesana (mo daftar jadi mahasiswa baru) dan lagi-lagi sendiri. Mudahan aja gak nyasar ya.. Soalnya saya gak punya gps yang siap membantu ToT

Semoga besok saya berangkat dan pulang dengan selamat, Amin! And yes, I love writing report about events like this! *w*v

じゃ、またねえええ~ >0<b 


Gimana ya? Walaupun aku udah ada disini selama 3 minggu, tapi blom juga ngerasa kerasan. Mungkin aku tipe yang susah menyesuaikan diri kali ya? Ada aja yang bikin homesick. Misalnya setiap ada orang dari sana nelpon. Trus mimpi. Biasanya kalo sampe kebawa mimpi itu berarti aku bener-bener segitunya pengen pulang kan? Haaa.. Mana aku blom daftar kuliah, eh bapakku udah dapet tugas dinas lagi. Dan aku blom sempet menyesuaikan diri disiniiiiiii! Gara gara kemaren juga keasikan liburan di gunung sampe lupa waktu. Dang!

Jadi begimana nasibku disini? Apa ulang tahunku yang tinggal 2 minggu lagi itu juga sendirian? Kalo iya, berarti hidupku tahun ini bakal agak menyedihkan.Suram. Secara selama 3 tahun masa SMA, ulang tahunku pasti sama keluarga. Dan tahun ini di masa masa tergelap dalam hidupku, aku juga harus ulang tahun sendirian? Mungkin nanti aku bakal menyasarkan diri ke mall mall terdekat. Biar aja lah nyasar, daripada gelap-gelapan di kamar sendirian? Dan untungnya aku masih punya laptop umur 3 minggu dan hape yang walaupun udah agak butut begitu masih canggih teknologinya. Kalo enggak mungkin aku bisa stress disini. Kadang kadang juga aku udah ngerasa stres kalo inget beberapa hal.

Intinya, aku berharap semoga aku bisa cepet menyesuaikan diri disini. Semoga bisa cepet dapet temen disini. Semoga di ulang tahunku nanti aku gak sendirian, padahal dua hari setelahnya aku harus tes. Dan semoga aku lulus di unpak. Ktarena kalo gak lulus, aku bakal jadi lebih stres dari sekarang karena gak tau harus ngapain lagi *walaupun ada gelombang selanjutnya sih* Semoga ya semoga..

Dan kali kali gitu ada orang berdomisili Bogor yang baca ini, comment dong di bawah u.u Nyari guide yang bisa jelasin rute angkot di sini =="

That's all, hope I won't be a misery and pathetic person.

Still love you anyway Dharma Himawan~

Monday, June 18, 2012

Yukari Tamura - Endless Story (C3 Opening)

Moe Fiyaaaa X3

*Well I really love this song because the meaning of the song. It's about being thankful of the love someone gave for you. And yes I really thankful for that. Because without their love, I can't be someone like this. And I also hope that their love for me will lasts forever just like an endless story. Enjoy the lyrics! 

dare mo shiru hito no inai
machi ni afureru kage no mukou ni
anata ga iru

onaji bamen no RIPUREI
arifureta hibi wo kaete shimau
hohoemi no mahou

dou ni mo naranai no ni
kinou ni mayou toki
anata no yasashisa wa
hikari wo kureru

itsumo itsumo anata no soba de
ai wo tsuyoku dakishimetai yo
meguriai wa tatta hitotsu no
owari no nai SUTOORII

samishigariya no namida wo
nugui kirenai yoru no dokoka e
hoshi ga sasou

yureru kimochi no yukue mo
anata to nara dokomademo kitto
oikakete yukeru

honto no watashi wo ima
shinjite kureru kara
futatsu no tokimeki wa
hitotsu ni nareru

itsumo itsumo anata no soba de
yume wo fukaku dakishimeteru yo

sekaijuu de tatta hitotsu no
takaramono ni naru made

donna toki mo sou yo
tsugi no tobira ga aru
donna toki mo sou ne
jikan wa susunderu
mirai wa tsuzuiteku kara

mune no oto wo akiramenai de
futari dake wa mamotte kureru

itsumo itsumo anata no soba de
ai wo tsuyoku dakishimetai yo
meguriai wa tatta hitotsu no
owari no nai SUTOORII


In this town where I don't know a single person,
beyond the elongating shadow,
you are there.

The magic of your smile is able to
change this numerously replayed scene
and these ordinary days.

When I'm still lost in yesterday
not knowing what to do,
your gentleness
bestows light upon me.

Always, always, I want to
firmly embrace our love by your side.
Our encounter is
our one and only endless story.

The stars are luring the loners,
who are unable to wipe their tears dry,
towards some place of in this night.

As long as I'm with you,
I'll be able to chase down the whereabouts
of my swaying feelings.

Because you believe
in the real me,
our throbbing hearts
will be able to merge into one.

Always, always, I will keep our dream
tightly embraced by your side,

until it grows into a treasure
that's one and only in this world.

No matter when, there will always
be a door leading to the next.
No matter when, time will always
be flowing forward.
The future will not stop.

Don't abandon that beating sound in your bosom,
for it will protect us when the two of us are together.

Always, always, I want to
firmly embrace our love by your side.
Our encounter is
our one and only endless story.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My First Three Days

Well if you ask how are things going on for me right now. I will say "I don't know". Because didn't do much thing yet. Besides, the college starts on September and it is still June. JUNE! September is a month after July and August. I have two months to find a suitable college for me. But.. What should I do until then?

This is my 3rd day in Jakarta and I already miss things from Samarinda. My friends, my family, my special person.. I don't know if I can handle being alone in here. And I wish I can go alone to the malls.. Wandering alone and buy some stuffs that I need. But the road are complicated, unlike Samarinda. The roads here are crowded, motorcycles are speeding with those loud noises coming out from the vehicle. Scary.

On my first day, I went to a computer fair which is really HUGE! I really impress with it. Never saw so much laptops, tablets, flashdisks and others in one huge place. Well I feel like I'm nothing compared to the buildings I saw here. Skyscrappers are everywhere. But slum housing are also a lot in here. Me? Well I guess I live in the middle low. Not really a lux place, but it is nice place to stay. I don't know if I will stay here for years or only a few months.

My second second day begin with watching TV and then go to a college called Darma Persada. Well the buildings are nice, but the fee is kinda expensive though. I dunno if I want to go to that one yet, I want to find another possibilities. I wish next week I'll go to Bogor and check Pakuan University. I know someone there at least. And I can live with my grandma there. Besides the city is not as big as Jakarta. And yes I wish I'll have college there!

My third day is right now. And I did.. Nothing. Nothing yet. Dunno what will I do today. There happen to be a water crisis in here so I haven't take any shower yet teehee.. And also I don't follow SNMPTN like most of the highschool fresh graduates do. And well I'm one of those kind who easily get bored when I got nothing to do. And right now I really don't have anything to do beside sitting in front of my laptop. Brand new laptop, my first laptop after years by years wishing for it.

Well I should go now (I'm out of topics already). Good luck for those who join the SNMPTN exam. Don't forget to pray! Wish that I can meet my beloved people soon..

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Sebentar lagi.. Sedikit lagi.. Tapi entah kapan.. Aku bakal pergi dari kota ini. Meninggalkan banyak memori dan orang orang yang penting bagiku. Meninggalkan orang yang sudah banyak mengisi hariku, meninggalkan banyak jejak jejak memori yang menyenangkan. Keberangkatan yang entah kapan ini malah bikin aku makin was was. Takut kalau aku gak sempat mengucapkan salam perpisahan ke orang orang yang kukenal.. Bagaimanapun aku tinggal cukup lama disini, dan aku baru saja lulus SMA yang juga di kota ini.

Jujur aku takut untuk meninggalkan kota ini. Aku sudah terlalu terbiasa dengan segala yang ada di sini. Pergi keluar dari sini dan kembali mengadu nasib di ibukota sana.. Apa aku bisa? Tadinya aku berharap bisa lulus jalur undangan dan kuliah di Malang.. Bisa ngumpul lagi sama teman-teman lamaku disana. Tapi takdir berkata lain. Mungkin aku memang harus memilih jalan yang agak jauh berbeda dari teman-temanku disini. Mungkin suatu saat kalau aku punya uang lebih, aku bisa ke Malang untuk liburan. Semoga aja ya..

Terkadang aku juga mikir, apa akan ada yang merasa kehilangan kalau aku pergi dari sini? Apa aku begitu pentingnya sampai ada yang ingat kalau aku pernah disini? Karena aku pasti kangen sama semua yang ada disini. Suasananya, Mall-mall nya, bulannya, orang orangnya.. Norak memang. Ini akibat terlalu banyak nonton drama dan anime bergenre sedih. Terlalu menghayati cerita-cerita itu sampai rasanya semua itu bener terjadi di kehidupan nyata. Haha, begitulah kalau sudah suka dan cinta terhadap suatu hal.

Tapi semoga saja.. Dengan aku berangkat keluar dari pulau ini.. Nasibku berubah jadi lebih baik daripada sekarang. Aku jadi orang yang punya pribadi yang lebih dewasa dari sekarang. Juga lebih feminin lol. Supaya orang yang kutinggal disini gak terlalu kecewa kalau aku sudah disana. Dan semoga aku masih bisa terus berhubungan dengan orang orang yang ada disini. Supaya aku terus tau bagaimana keadaan terbaru disini. Semoga..

Aku yang akan pergi,
Samarinda, 6 Juni 2012