Thursday, September 27, 2012


I bought two nendoroid a few days ago. Well honestly, I didn't buy the original one because my budget are low. But for a beginner like me, it is enough already haha. I bought miku nendo and azu-nyan =w= They are so cuuuuuuuuuute! And here are the pictures:

Am I happy? Oh well a little bit. Still feel kinda sad cz I can't share it with my beloved one out there. I don't know should I bear it or just spill it off in front of somebody. But I'll try my best to finish my school here~ Can you feel the happiness too?

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Have you ever feel so empty before? The feeling when you are alone. The feeling when you feel so down and nobody to help you out. The feeling when you feel so sad when you remember your saddest and dark memories. The feeling when you are so happy but you have nobody to share the happiness..

And yes I feel so right now. I'm feeling so empty and lonely. I have nobody to share my happiness, I have nobody when I'm feeling so blue. And looks like now I'm on the hardest part of my life. Being far away from my parents, far away from my special one, far away from my hometown. And next week I'll have the hardest phase before the college starts. I have to do everything on my own when some of the students will have some helps from their parents.

And the theme song for my writing today is Egoist - Euterpe. When I hear the music and the sad sad voice. I'm drowned with sadness too. The sadness that make me wanna cry. I really don't know why. Well yes this year is my hardest. First ever when I feel too much emotion. Happy, sad, angry, empty, lonely.. I hope I won't feel any heart break or so. That will add much more hurt to my list of sadness.

But I should be grateful because God still loves me. God also gave me some happiness in the middle of my sadness. One of my dreams came true last week. And that is something I should thank. I should thank God too for everything that happens and those that I have until now.

I'm the one that loves support from people. Without those support, sometimes I feel down and empty but in the I hope those kind of feelings won't bother me for the sake of my study. For the next 4 years I'm gonna do my best to graduate and be a high quality university graduate haha. But oh well Long Distance Relationship is not that easy to handle *shiku shiku*

When the sky has cleared
And rains have passed
I still won't forget the past
You are not alone on your own
I remember you back then
Trembling in front of me
Crying deep inside silently

Well that's me for you guys. End of the post. See you on my next post ^^

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (Day One)

Well I guess I am one of those lucky ones who can go to AFA ID last Saturday. Oh well it was damn fun for me! I only went to the first day. And PRJ Hall A filled with many people. Too crowd. It was soooo overloaded for a little hall like that. Thank god my body can survive that huge crowd. Well here are some pictures I took that day~

Me at Danny Choo's booth :3

Exhibition + Stage Access Bracelet
Hakase and Nano Nendroid TwT

Danny Choo on stage
Mirai no Kuruma :3

Well those are some. Well my suggestion, they should hold next year's AFA ID in a bigger place. 3 or 4 times bigger than this year. Well now you can't underestimate the power of Indonesian otaku hahaha. Please make it bigger and please give cheaper ticket lol. Oh well it was a fun fun day. And I feel so moved when I saw LiSA got interviewed on stage that afternoon. I almost cry in happiness cz I never expected I can see the REAL her. LiSAAAAAAAAAA daisuki! TwT

I hope I can go to the next year's AFA ID too. I'll save up lots of money for next year. I hope I can buy nendroid next year. The souvenirs I bought last Saturday was Moekana, Megurine Luka Phone Strap, and something with AFA ID on it. I dunno what is it called heheh. And Danny Choo, thank you for the this year's AFA ID. Please make it more awesome next year! And bring more anisong artist to Indonesia. Those are not enough for us the Indonesian otaku, khuhu~

Okay then, see you on AFA ID 2013!