Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Sims 3: Island Paradise

Lately I'm spending half of my day playing The Sims 3 and only get out of my room if I wanna pee or eat lol. By the way I installed the expansion pack and it was Island Paradise. I didn't expect much at first, but when I know I can manage my own resort and be a mermaid, I was so excited haha. I even change the lifespan setting into the long one because I WANNA HAVE MERMAID WIFE!

In Island Paradise, there are some features that you can't get in any other expansion pack. My favorite one is MERMAID!!! *over reacts* And also you can dive the sea with scuba diving skill. My second favorite is maintaining resorts, by the way it makes money kinda fast haha. You can hire people for your resort, build new features and more. Mine is four star resort now. And you can have more than one resorts per play. My second resort is a fail tho. The other feature is the hidden islands. I only play for 3-4 days so I haven't found much.

And I've read some articles about it out of my curious, Island Paradise is making some parodies of that famous Disney animation, The Little Mermaid. Remember Ariel and Triton? They are mermaids in Island Paradise. But being a mermaid is tough tho~ I read that they have to feel sea water once every 48 hours and they only eat fish and kelps. And the mermaid I wanna hook up dies after an hour before I get the chance to ask much =="

I hope I can unlock more achievements later. My college starts soon means I'll have less time to play *sigh*. Well have fun playing people! Enjoy your game of life!