Friday, January 30, 2015

Google+ Auto Awesome

Well first, I just realized a couple weeks ago that some of photos that I took from my phone got uploaded automatically to my google+ and the feature called 'Google+ Auto Awesome'. When I browse the gallery, I kinda surprised that google 'upgraded' my photos without me asking. And it's not that bad actually. And below is the photo that google upgraded~

?Edited by Google
And actually I kinda grateful with this feature. At least I don't have to upload it manually and it is safe because the photos are saved privately so nobody can see the uploaded photos unless you publish it. Virtual drive is kinda important these days since your hard drive can't be empty forever, and there's any other threats like virus or so, so we have to make some backups to keep it safe. So if you have some important files and you can't lose it in any way, you should just upload it into virtual drive like google drive or emails. At least you have another back up online haha.

Back to the Auto Awesome, if you have limited internet quota, you can also disable it because it consume your quota little by little, especially if you love taking photos. And now you know another feature of google. Have you checked your google+ photo gallery? It might uploaded your photos without you realizing it ^^

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pop Culture / Popular Culture

Pop culture merupakan kepanjangan dari kata “Popular Culture” yang berarti budaya populer. Budaya populer adalah ide-ide, sikap, gambar, dan fenomena lain yang sifatnya umum dan diketahui oleh masyarakat luas. Umumnya, budaya populer dapat diketahui oleh masyarakat umum karena pengaruh mass media yang menyebarkan info begitu cepat, sehingga kumpulan ide tersebut menjadi bagian kehidupan masyarakat dan bahkan menjadi suatu kebiasaan.

Budaya populer selalu berubah sesuai dengan tempat dan waktunya.

Salah satu contoh budaya populer adalah “Meme”.

Meme merupakan ide, kata-kata atau kebiasaan sehari-hari yang kemudian direplika secara unik, lalu menyebar dari mulut ke mulut dan menjadi sebuah budaya yang populer, terutama di kalangan anak muda. Meme yang menyebar melalui internet disebut juga “Internet Meme”.
Internet meme menyebar dengan sangat cepat melalui media sosial dalam bentuk gambar, video, dan lain-lain. Meme yang berada di internet selalu berkembang dari waktu ke waktu melalui komentar, imitasi, parodi, dan lain-lain.

Apapun dapat menjadi meme. Contohnya film Disney yang berjudul “Frozen”. Karena kepopuleran filmnya, Frozen menjadi sebuah “tren” dikalangan pembuat meme. Berkat meme tersebut, Frozen tidak hanya terkenal dikalangan anak-anak saja, melainkan juga dikalangan orang dewasa. Dari hal ini, dapat disimpulkan internet meme tidak hanya digunakan sebagai sarana hiburan saja, tetapi juga dapat menjadi alat marketing yang cukup menjanjikan.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

ClariS - Kite

*Sorry if there are some misspelled. Trying to work on the english translation now*

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Movie Review: Fatal Frame

So last Saturday I decided to watch the Fatal Frame movie at Blitz Megaplex. It was from that famous horror game that creeps you out. They use obscura camera to see and take the pictures of the ghosts to defeat them. The games are so popular and there are 5 series of it so far. The ghosts and environments in this game sometimes looks so real and creepy, it's not recommended for people who got scared easily. Trust me. Enough with the game.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

About January's Header

First of all,

2014 was a tough yet memorable year for me. And I hope 2015 will be my year! There are many things that will happen this year, like tests and more tests. And I wish I can find a part time job because I will attend less classes this year since this is almost my last year in university. I also wish that I can afford a brand new laptop since my previous laptop was "disappear".

So from this month on, I will make a new header each month according to the season. Since January has that 'snowy' feeling, I decided to make a snowy themed header this month. I know this is 'Sheep Year', but I don't have any pictures of sheep. So I choose Nyanko-sensei for the model of this month's header.

Well here's some before and after for you~

BEFORE some magic touch
AFTER touch

For next month's header, I think I will choose 'valentine' themed header. It must be interesting look for chocolates next month haha. This is the end of today's post. Thank you for reading and wish you have a wonderful year! ^^