Sunday, May 20, 2018

Solo Trip - Amazarashi x Aimer Concert

So recently I went to the neighboring country, alone to see a concert. Somehow I made it a secret from my parents until 2 weeks before my flight (idk why I did that lol)

It was Singapore. And it was Amazarashi x Aimer Concert! I saw the news on November 2017 and already made up my mind to go to the concert. I really love Aimer's songs and really want to see her live performance. She came to Indonesia a few times but the timing wasn't right so I never go to one of her live local. 

Might as well listen to the songs first =>> AxA Warming Up Playlist

Thank god a few months before the solo trip I went with some friends so I didn't really lost. I planned the trip from January and take my flight on end of March. I don't really know what was I thinking when planning for this trip, a thing that I know was I bought the concert ticket online and picked the VIP seat.

It was a kind of long weekend, and somehow I got some nice deal for the flight. It's not as cheap as promo flight, but it was a pretty good deal. I picked Saturday (the concert day) and going back on Monday, taking a day leave from work. It was a really tight schedule I kind of regret for not going on Friday. But well I can go again anytime (yeah right).

As for hostel I forgot to book one until 2 weeks before departure. And missed the one I wanted, but managed to book my other option costs around IDR 500.000 for 2 night. And yeah it's still comfy, and I can sleep pretty well. (Duh I sleep everywhere).

At the day of departure, I was so nervous I didn't really sleep the night before. I don't know whether it was a nervous from going to a concert alone or going overseas alone. But it was a kind of excitement. Managed to arrive at the airport a few hours before the flight, ate breakfast, saw celebs, almost fell asleep at the boarding room. And really fell asleep half of the flight lol. Once again thanks to the previous trip with my friends I don't really feel at lost going to SG for the second time.

It was around 11 am when I got out the immigration gate, I thought I still have much time until hostel check in time so I wanted to go to the Merlion. But I got off at the wrong station and went to Garden by The Bay instead. Well I didn't rent any wifi pocket or setting roaming on my phone so I just tried to remember things I've done before. I know it's stupid lol. Got lost many times and I spent half an hour looking for the location of my hostel. Ended up checked in at 3 pm instead of 2 pm because I got lost.

Wifi at the hostel really help me a lot, I search the concert location and went there eventually. Even fell asleep (again) on MRT and yet got off at the right station, walk around 10 minutes and arrived at the concert hall. As I remember it was around 5 pm but half of the goods are almost sold out. Bought myself two rubber bands (I didn't wear it until now) and a face towel. Also found this beautiful flower stand for Aimer outside the concert hall. You can see my reflection there at the balloon lol.

As the concert itself, people said that it didn't start on time. First up was Amazarashi. Well I listened to all of Amazarashi albums from a few months before the concert and really took liking almost all of the songs. I already got overwhelmed from the first song, and put all of my heart into them. The face towel I bought got really handy because I cried almost half of their performance. It was like they sang almost all of the songs I've listened the past months I got really happy yet emotional. Because their lyrics are so sentimental and the lyrics are shown like the pic below.

From Amuse Inc. Asia Facebook
Too bad people haven't really recognize them at the time. It was obvious from the crowd's attention. Some even play with their phones. I just wish people would appreciate their songs more. And their performance was awesome, I am so happy to hear Hiromu-san's monologue live *again, I cried*. At least the crowds responded well on "Sora ni Utaeba". I myself got too hyped I feel like exploding.

After Amazarashi they took 10 - 15 minutes break for preparing Aimer's part. To be honest I already half tired after all of those crying and shouting from Amazarashi's part but still very excited to see Aimer live. She was so cute and she tried so hard talking in English. But I wish she spoke in Japanese. I don't care whether other people understand or not as long as I do (no it's not good).

Almost half of Aimer's song list that night was from "Noir". And she sang Ref:rain! It's from that anime, "Koi wa Ameagari no You ni". The stage was too bright sometimes I close my eyes only to hear her voice clearly. And people quietly listened to her voice, I'm so glad. My favorite was Stars in The Rain and again I cried. Sorry for being such a crybaby u.u

From Amuse Inc. Asia Facebook
Aimer's part felt so fast even with more than 10 songs. Many of my favorite songs from "Blanc" part was not on the list. If it was on the list I might cry more than a bucket haha. The best part of Aimer's part was "ONE". She asked the crowd to stand up and clap hands together while she waving, jumping and singing. She was so cute. And it felt like her concert in Budokan (yay).

If you're curious, here's the song list of the concert I found on Reddit.

Final comment. I am really glad I bought the VIP as I can see them closely. I got the F row and it was pretty close. Didn't think it would be that close. Their performance are so amazing I sometimes imagine my self being on the concert again while listening to my concert warm up playlist. Too bad we can't take pictures nor videos of the concert. And yeah it won't be a nice experience if people busy taking pictures instead of listening to their performances..

I didn't regret for taking the chance, went overseas alone to see concert. I take it as a new experience and so I won't regret for not going, since we don't know when they will come to Indonesia. And I don't want to wait too long. And if they plan to come someday, I'll definitely reserve my ticket again.

I hope I can go overseas again sometime next year. Japan might be nice, it's not like I'll be lost. I can just ask people every time I got lost haha. Oh and the story of me walking around SG, I'll save it for another time.

Have a nice dream.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


I'm writing this because I read someone's writing and made me want to post something.
Please bear with it, or just close the tab of this post right now.

Fiction or not? I'll let you guess.
Well hey, I'm writing again! Yay!


It's been around a year since the last time I felt some romance in my life. And  somehow I tried something that I haven't before.

"I'll try only for a few weeks then just stop. And it's not like you're getting married because of some talk with some strangers." I thought. So then I began my search. I've talked with a few and there's nothing really special about them. But then I didn't expect I would met someone so nice I began to search everything about him on the first week we talked.

I even stop replying chats from the other guys at the moment "he" asked for my private information. Then we started chatting, he was so nice I thought it was only a dream I made on my own. Then we talked about our private matters, how long we've been single and why. It was like I got hypnotized, I told him everything even the things I've never share to my best friend. I told too much I got worried he'd hate me because of all. But he replied nicely and even calmed me down.

"What was that?" I thought. Because I've never talked to someone as calm as him. Other people I know would react more. And with that reaction of his, I felt something different, unlike those guys I've talked previously.

Is it love? Or is it only the feeling you get when you talk to an opposite gender after a long hiatus of romance? I can't decide. And because of the long hiatus, I might overthinking at some points.

One day I tried to make sure if he felt something similar. But he denied and even said that we're only "friends". I got down and sad at the time, but at least I get to know his point of thinking. And the point is: "I'm only a friend". He was being so nice because we're friends who share same hobbies.

Okay. But still I don't understand a few things.He said even his girlfriend look at our chats, she shouldn't be angry because it's only about hobbies. But is it?  Like, we're not only talk about hobbies, I even told him things I never tell others. Looks like guys have their own way to handle things huh?

I'm still talking to him daily. Not as a torture, but because I need someone to talk. It's okay even as a friend. I've done some thinking and I don't wanna lose any good ships no more. Even though talking about movies, musics, and daily things with him makes my brain do some imaginations on its own, about the future I'll never see.. I'm fine with that. I'm trying to be grateful for the chance to meet someone as nice as him. I might get some punishment from God if I ask for more than this, so I'm trying to hold myself.

Thank you, for being there for me.
And thank you, for bearing my boring topics.
You are the best thing I could ever asked after my long hiatus of romance.
It's okay for being like this, I don't hate it.
Just please, bear with me a little more.
Bear with my boring movie talk, my short boring reply, my boring ":3" emote.
Until you meet someone you love.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I Can't Live Without Spotify

It's been more than a year since the first time I've known and tried the trial of Spotify Premium, and ever since then I've been on premium until today. And I feel like I might not live without it. I've been using Spotify for my daily commute to work and other things. I wanna share some of my experiences.

In case you don't know Spotify, here's a brief explanation about it:
Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. It is a Swedish entertainment company founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. It specializes in music, podcast, and video streaming service that launched on 7 October 2008.
So why I love Spotify?

First one, as an otaku I get to listen MANY of anisong! Yay! In the past, I have to watch them on youtube, or download them, and I gotta work a little bit more to find my favorite songs. But now I can listen somehow half of them now on Spotify without working too hard searching.  Also lately, not only anisongs, but also vocaloid producers songs are widely shared on Spotify. What a wonderful time to live :3

And making playlists, according to your mood and days, or any other theme is possible without limits! And I can take a peek at other's playlists as well listening through it. And lately artists are making their own playlists of their favorite songs too. Check Taylor Swift's page as an example.

Discover tab according to things you've listened? I've been saved by this. I've known many great artists I've never heard before and wouldn't have known them if I don't use Spotify. And you'll get recommendations from the similar artists and genres, also some new released songs and they even made you playlist out of those similar artists and genres for you to listen on your way back home.

On premium, you can save the playlists and songs to listen it offline. It's good for saving internet data or when you can't use internet data at all, at least you still get to listen some good musics.

At least those are the reasons I can think of so far. Even now I'm writing while listening to Spotify lol.

What I'm listening to lately:
Bunch of songs I repeat on my way to work
My anisong playlist 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Kerja di Perusahaan Jepang? Tanya Jawab Iseng

Rasanya udah bertahun tahun gak update disini lagi. Maaf sudah menelantarkan T.T

Sekarang udah kerja, udah punya penghasilan sendiri, bisa hedon sendiri *plak*
Perjuangan buat buru buru selesai skripsian dan sidang itu gak sia-sia, karena gak lama setelah kelar sidang saya langsung gencar cari kerja (udah gabetah tak punya duit sendiri)

Gak kerasa udah satu tahun semenjak lulus dan dapet kerja.
Mumpung iseng, saya bikin tanya jawab ke diri saya sendiri aja dibawah. Kali kali bermanfaat buat yang mampir.

Q: Sekarang kerja dimana?
A: Di perusahaan Jepang yang terkenal sama produk retsletingnya. (Google aja sendiri =w=)

Q: Wih hebat dong, bagian apa?
A: Pertama liat di jobst*eet sih translator, pas interview nyatanya buat ditempatin jadi GA - Japanese Speaker

Q: Bentar, GA itu apa?
A: General Affairs, bagian umum, menangani hal hal umum operasional kantor. Kalau penasaran GA itu kerjanya ngapain, bisa coba nonton dorama judulnya Age Harrasment. Hampir kurang lebih kayak gitu tapi ga selebay itu :p

Q: Lah kalo gitu ga ada hubungannya sama bahasa Jepang dong?
A: Ada, buanyak. Dari nerjemahin dokumen, email, sampe interpreting expat-nya kalau dibutuhkan. Gak lupa jadi jembatan antara expat dan staff lokal. Tapi ada kerjaan lain juga yang sifatnya administratif dan emang GA banget. Main-nya sih bagian pengurusan TKA. Pokoknya setiap hari pasti berhubungan langsung sama expat Jepangnya, misalnya tanya makan bento apa enggak tiap hari via email ato nanya langsung =w=

Q: Kalau tiap hari ngomong pake bahasa Jepang, berarti udah jago dong?
A: Tentunya belum. Masih harus tetep belajar, karena kosakata bahasa Jepang itu banyak dan tiada akhir, walaupun kalau dalam kerjaan harian yang dipake kosakatanya kurang lebih sama, tapi kalau interpreting atau terjemahin dokumen suka banyak kosakata baru dari berbagai bidang (Sales, legal, teknik mesin, dll). Rajin rajin simpen kosakata baru biar gak lupa (walaupun seringnya lupa lagi kalo abis nerjemahin lol)

Q: Menyenangkan gak sih kerja di perusahaan Jepang?
A: Awal masuk kerja, bener bener nemu banyak hal baru yang gak ada di dunia kuliah. Tentunya ketemu orang Jepang setiap hari juga udah pengalaman baru lol. Yang paling lucu sih belajar scan sama fotocopy, karena pas kuliah biasanya kita ke abang tukang print sama fotocopy dan minta mereka yang ngerjain. Pas di kantor kita yang jadi abang fotocopy-nya *eh*. Gak cuma itu, belajar cara email yang baik ke expatnya juga. Untungnya dapet senpai yang baik banget dan mau ngajarin segala hal dari soal kirim email ke expat, kirim email ke vendor, sama kerjaan administratif lain. (Soalnya waktu itu emang harus nge back up beliau karena mau cuti melahirkan haha). Gak kerasa udah setahun dan kerjanya menyenangkan :"3 Bersyukur banget bisa diterima di tempat kerja yang lingkungannya enak dan staffnya baik baik. Expatnya juga ga ada yang jahat dan ada yang supportive juga soal proses belajar bahasa Jepang kitanya.

Q: Menyenangkan iya, kalau sedihnya ada gak?
A: Ada lah pasti, kalau ada sesuatu yang salah, atau kalau kerjaan lagi banyak, kadang suka stress ampe pengen nyebur sumur. Tapi di kantor banyak temen temen Japanese speaker yang bisa diajak saling curhat, saking deketnya sering main bareng juga. Kalau ngumpul pasti kerjaannya curcol masalah kerjaan, kadang juga ngegosipin expatnya haha. Jadinya jarang stres berkepanjangan karena bisa terlampiaskan secara cukup.

Q: Ilmu apa aja yang udah dirasain sampe sekarang?
A: Tentunya bahasa dan kosakata, pas baru masuk kerja rasanya bodoh sebodoh bodohnya. Kanji arigatou aja gatau. Sekarang nulis email udah makin rapih, ngomong udah gak terlalu belepotan, berkat latihan sama expatnya dan sama Japanese Speaker lain. Budaya kerja, tau HoRenSo? Houkoku (report), Renraku (contact), Soudan (advice). Kalau terima request dari user, jangan lupa respon emailnya, report progressnya, dan kalau ada yang bingung minta advice. Jangan asal kerjain sesuka kita, kalau kerjaan salah jadinya lebih ribet dan panjang. Dan kalau salah langsung laporan dan minta maaf. Memang kesannya remeh, tapi kalau salah dan gak laporan, efeknya akan panjang ke depannya. Karena satu kesalahan aja bisa bikin banyak kerjaan lain jadi gak lanjut. Makanya harus bener-bener diselesaikan sampai akhir.

Q: Tips dan trik untuk yang pengen kerja di perusahaan Jepang?
A: Rajin rajin latihan percakapan bahasa Jepang. Karena pas interview gak menutup kemungkinan expatnya bakal ikut dan tanya tanya  dalam bahasa Jepang. Bisa bahasa Inggris juga jadi nilai plus. Jangan lupa pake bahasa Jepang baku, minimal bentuk -desu;-masu. Jangan tiru bahasa Jepang di anime untuk dunia kerja, karena itu bahasa yang digunakan rata rata untuk percakapan daily bukan untuk dunia kerja.
PEDE! Mau grammar bahasa Jepangnya salah, jangan mundur! Kita berusaha bicara pakai bahasa Jepang aja pasti sudah dihargai kok (asal sopan ya~).
Supaya terlihat pede dan meyakinkan, pandang mata lawan bicara alias interviewee-nya sambil jawab pertanyaan yang dikasih. 
Kalau sudah keterima kerja, harus kuat mental. Ketemu banyak orang baru itu gak mudah, dan orang itu tipe nya macem-macem. Jadi harus tahan banting ngadepin orang dengan berbagai tipe dalam satu waktu yang sama.

Q: Pesan terakhir untuk yang pengen kerja di perusahaan Jepang?
A: Kerja itu harus profesional, mau lagi diputusin pacar, mau ga enak badan, atau lagi ngambek ama temen kerja, tetep harus kerjain kerjaan yang ada secara profesional juga. Bayangin kalau kita bete, atau ga mau ngomong sama temen kerja gara-gara kesel, trus kerjanya jadi asal asalan. Bisa jadi efeknya menunda tugas orang lain atau bahkan orang banyak.
Serap semua ilmu yang ada, pasti ada saatnya berguna untuk kerja atau malah diluar kerjaan.
Jangan lupa atur waktu untuk diri sendiri, kadang saking sibuknya kerja sampe lupa ama diri sendiri trus jadi stres. Sepulang kerja coba sesekali luangin waktu buat nonton film, atau jajan, atau ngerjain apa yang disukain. Jadi besoknya bisa kerja lagi dengan ceria (?)
Dan yang terpenting, SEMANGAT! Karena kalau semangat apa aja pasti bisa diselesaikan. Kalau susah ya minta tolong atau tanya ke orang yang lebih paham.
Malu bertanya sesat di jalan ^^

Sekian tanya jawab isengnya. Gak tau sih bakal ada yang baca atau enggak, tapi semoga bisa menjadi pencerahan untuk yang gak sengaja mampir. Jawaban diatas  pure dari pengalaman saya sendiri selama kerja. Mungkin tiap perusahaan gak sama, jadi anggaplah ini salah satu dari beribu cara untuk bertahan kerja di perusahaan Jepang.

Apalagi kemaren sempet ada kouhai yang desperate karena blom keterima kerja padahal udah beberapa kali interview. Bisa jadi memang standar perusahaannya tinggi, pengalaman kita kurang dengan yang dicari, atau masih ada yang lain lagi. Kepribadian juga salah satu nilai dalam interview, kalau kita keliatan malu malu dan ragu pas jawab pertanyaan, bisa jadi itu menentukan cocok atau enggaknya kita di perusahaan itu. Dan luck.

Pokoknya, terus belajar dan berusaha memperbaiki diri. Cepat atau lambat pasti ketemu jodoh kerjanya ^^b

Good luck jobseeker!