Monday, November 26, 2012

Deviant Art

Fufufu I'm into photography again. And yay I made a Deviant Art account last week =w= It feels nice to have your photos got some attention ahaha~ And since my mid test finished today, I have too much time to spend with my "Chibi Team" lol. And thank God this week I have a little agenda start from Thursday. I hope I won't spend too much money on them though~

I'm getting excited being a Japanese Lit student. It's always fun to watch anime, read manga, and speak in Japanese without worries that people will hate you ahaha.. But what I hate is the study walks too slow for me. Because I have to repeat the same lessons for one year.. But whatever it's still fun anyway (even I grit my teeth sometimes). And still grateful that Japanese events are in front of my eyes. The one that I always dream in high school now being come true. Sacrifices does exist. I have to leave my hometown and my beloved boyfriend to be here. Being far from hometown and meet new people are sometimes scary. Real life are cruel too. My pocket got picked by a filthy thief last month because I forgot to put it in a safe place. From that moment I made a promise to myself that I won't let my guard anymore.

Oh well that is my story. By the way check out my deviant art teehee~ These three photos are from my profile. Cute huh? =w=

Mr Rabbit

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Room Escape Games

escape the room games

Hello again people~

Well lately I love room escape games to spend some of my time. Room escape games need patient, brain and really careful eyes to solve the puzzles and of course to escape the room. The one I play now called "murder room" for android. It is creepy but it's nice to play on daylight. I'm kinda scared playing it at night ==v

And here are some sites that review room escape games:

And these are sites that have room escape games:

Tell me what you think about it. Because it is really addicting and kinda fun, and sometimes scary. Just imagine when you trapped in a room and you need to solve the puzzles first to open the door. And what if you trapped in a dangerous place like a freezer maybe. Tense.

And that's it for now. Enjoy your escape! =w=v