Thursday, January 14, 2016

.Hack New World 「ニューワールド」Tutorial - Creating Character


I know it's been a long long time since I last wrote a new post here. Well real world attacked me real hard now. So I kinda happy to be back for a bit.

Well today I'll write about the latest game from .Hack, it's called "New World" or 「ニューワールド」.  Unfortunately, it's Japan only for now (or maybe forever). So if you want to play but you are not in Japan region, you have to download an application called "qooapp", and download the game from there. And yes it's in Japanese.


Android: Google Play
iPhone  : App Store

I love the graphics when I first saw the article about the game. The graphics is beautiful and it's in 3D! Well I thought it's worth trying since .Hack game I played before on PSP was pretty good. The size of the game itself is not that heavy, for now it is around 200mb and I think it's pretty light for a 3D game.

After downloaded the game, we have to make new character. First you have to create new nickname  and the next one is choose the job of your character. There are 3 type (please correct me if I'm wrong):

From top to bottom---

  • 重装 (juusou): Heavy Armor - specialized in heavy attacks
  • 軽装 (keisou): Light Armor - specialized in agility
  • 魔装 (masou): Magic Armor - manipulating strong spells

And I chose the middle one, which is light armor. If you are not satisfied with your character, you can change it later 'tho. So don't worry much about this first one. 

The next step is my favorite, it's customizing your character. And my character is this:

Well I can't help myself to make it look like Miku haha. You can customize the body posture to short - medium - tall. You can change the style and color of the hair and eyes. You can also choose his / her facial expression. It's really cool to see the character spinning. 

After the long time customizing your character, you have to choose your navi-chara fairy. The cutest voice is on the green one so I end up choosing her without thinking. 

That's all for creating your character! After finishing this, you will get two option to follow the tutorial or not. If you feel like learning things, you shouldn't skip the tutorials. I didn't skip it since I got no idea about the gameplay. After the long tutorial, you will be on the "home screen". This is my home screen after I finished the tutorial haha. It's fun to have pretty girls in one screen lol.

And that's it! I only explain the creating character things for today's post. And if you don't mind, please add my character too tee-hee~ It's きりのん (kirinon) as you can see in the picture.

What about the battle you say? I'll try to make a new post soon about the battle.

Well thank you for reading since this is my first post after a while. See you on the next post! ^^